College Student Earns $11,859.00 in 48 Hours Using New Patent-Pending Software Program

59 Minutes Ago

BOISE, IDAHO - A young Boise State University student reportedly earned $11,859.00 in under 48 hours using a new patent-pending software program.

"I go to school full time and I'm on the wresting team, so I don't have time to hold down a full time job," states Russell Brunson, the young entrepreneur who made the 48 hour profits.

Brunson needed a way to pay his way through school.  Already a successful entrepreneur he was given the opportunity to beta test a new patent-pending technology named "Make Your Own Software."

The innovative program does something that many other software programs do: it makes other software programs.

What's so special about "Make Your Own Software" then?  Simple: You don't have to know a single line of source code.

It seems hard to believe that someone without any programming experience or training in software development could create software programs ("in minutes" as is claimed on the "Make Your Own Software" website), but young Brunson's story is quite compelling.

"Wednesday I received the beta copy of 'Make Your Own Software.' Thursday in class I had an idea for a product called 'Salesletter in a Box.'  Thursday after wrestling practice I came home and started on the product.  It took me about 55 minutes to create the 1st version of the software," states Brunson.

Brunson has no programming experience and has never written a software program in his life.

A day after creating the product he put it for sale online (following the instructions in the "Make Your Own Software" documentation for selling software on the Internet).  Within 48 hours of releasing his product he earned $11,859.00 in profit.

You can see Brunson's software product for sale at 

"Make Your Own Software" just left beta testing moments ago and is now online available for instant download.